Quercilink is a peer-to-peer communication app. It transmits data using our patent pending technology directly from one mobile device to another. No servers or Internet connectivity are required. Devices communicate in an old fashion way, the same way humans do - by using sound. Yes, phones and tablets can speak to each other, now. Can you guess how your name will sound in Q-language? Install Quercilink and find out.

In its first version Quercilink can transmit web links and contacts from your Address Book.

Add your own contact information to Address Book and use Quercilink to exchange it instead of business cards. Let's save the planet and use Quercilink instead. By the way, Quercitron is a name of a tree.

Store a link to your Facebook page in the Link List and share it with this nice person you've just met. Quercilink makes it easy, no set up or even touching one phone with another, who wants to pass germs after all?

Quercilink uses speaker and microphone of the mobile device, so it can run on any device with audio support. iPhone and iPad are supported right now. More devices will come. Stay tuned.

Quercilink: The iPhone App Review

Now, to the fun part. How do you use your freshly installed Quercilink?

Pay attention to the sound volume of your device (both receiver and transmitter). For reliable communication it should be reasonably high. Usually at least 2/3 or more. You want everyone to know that you are a proud user of Quercilink after all :-)
For better reception in a noisy environment, place speakers/microphones of the mobile devices close to each other.
Add yourself to the Address Book to share your own contact information.
Demo video.

To transmit information:

- select Send at the main screen;
- select Send Link, Send Address or Send Contact; Send Address sends the full contact information, including the street address; transmitting big amount of data will take longer and you may not want to share your street address, select Send Contact in this case; it will transmit Name, e-mail, phone and URL fields of the contact;
- select a link or contact to transmit;
- type in a new web link to add to the list of links and start transmission or select an existing link;
- transmission can be interrupted by the Cancel button at any time;

To receive information:

- select Listen at the main screen;
- to start information reception click Start;
- if a contact information is received and you confirmed it addition to your Address Book, new contact will appear in your Address Book;
- reception can be interrupted by the Cancel button at any time;

To review the Link List:

- select Listen at the main screen;
- click Links;
- click a link you want to open in a browser;
- to delete a link: swipe it left and click Delete button revealed at the right;

Quercilink team

We are working hard to make Quercilink better and value your feedback. You can share your excitement at our Facebook page, on Twitter or even e-mail :-)

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